Dreamer Ballerina: Covers Around the World

After Dreamer Ballerina came out in the UK, something unexpected happened, Greece wanted to publish a translation. And Germany. And Poland. I remember getting the news and just being dumbfounded.

The best part about this, besides having my books in bookstores in Holland (!), is that I get two copies of all foreign editions. You can see bits of them in the photo at the top of the blog, but here they are in detail. Have a look and let me know which one is your favorite.



Dreamer Ballerina

The original. The first cover to my first book. Getting these in the post was like getting to celebrate all of my birthdays at once.

Designed by Steve Wells





Someday Dancer

A more wistful cover. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz. There are some lovely black and white illustrations on the inside as well.

Designed by Whitney Lyle




Tanczaca: Dancing

The Polish version is a paperback, but it comes with built-in flaps like the dust jacket of a hard-cover so you can mark your place while reading. I love that!

Designed by Grazyna Janecka





πιρουέτες στο χωμα: Pirouettes in the Dust

This was the first foreign translation of Dreamer Ballerina to come in a totally different alphabet. Even if I couldn’t read the others, I could sound them out. Not this one. It was a challenge just finding the right letters to Google Translate the title.



Germany Hardcover

DB Cover V2 German

Germany Paperback


Ein Traum und Zwei Fusse: One Dream and Two Feet

I love both of these covers, but especially the hardcover design. It’s the closest thing to what I imagined when I was writing the book.

Hardcover Designed by Vivien Heinz

Paperback Designed by formlabor





Dansen Tussen de Sterren: Dancing Among the Stars

This is one of my favorite covers. I love the rich blue and how it contrasts with the warm orange and yellow stars.

Designed by Nanja Toebak


Czech R.



Tancit ke Hvezdam: Dance to the Stars

The same cover design as the UK, but the inside is full of stars, bows and hearts decorating each page. My name got changed to Rubinova too, which made me smile.


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