Alice Jones: The Impossible Clue

‘Packed with charm, humour and a mind-boggling mystery, this is perfect for young readers who like their books to be both fun and challenging.’ Pam Norfolk, The Clitheroe Advertiser

‘…as good a bit of detective fiction as you could want and it will certainly exercise young minds. There’s a great supporting cast of friends and relations while, like the best independent crime-solvers, Alice has a mean line in deadpan delivery.’ Andrea Reece, LoveReading4Kids

‘Nancy Drew for a new generation! A mind-boggling mystery starring a smart, cool, sparky young sleuth.’ Katherine Woodfine, author of The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow

‘If you do as the book cover suggests and read p19, you will be hooked! It’s clever and it’s puzzling – a perfect mystery.’

‘This book made me laugh and feel sorry for Alice and Kevin. It also made me read a lot more than normal. I LOVE IT!!’ Verity Corrick-Gough, age 11 (to read more great reviews from kids, click here!)



Maths-whizz Alice has already solved a mystery or two.

Persuaded by wannabe sidekick Sammy to investigate a scientist’s disappearance, she’s soon entangled in her trickiest case yet. Dr Learner is reputed to have invented an invisibility suit, but is whacky science really to blame for his vanishing?

With the unlikely help of erstwhile nemesis Kevin, Alice solves the puzzle – only to face another. Should she reveal the truth, or protect her most devoted friend?

Published by Chicken House 

UK Cover by Helen Crawford-White 

US Cover by Melissa Manwill



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