Dreamer Ballerina/Someday Dancer

Dreamer Ballerina Cover

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“A warm-hearted story full of hopes and dreams told by Casey who loves to dance.” Lovereading4kids

“Sarah Rubin has created strong, complex and diverse characters” The Scotsman

“Set in the 1960s and exploring the world of modern dance, Dreamer Ballerina is a quirky and enjoyable tale with a pleasingly feisty heroine: funny, moving, heartwarming and bittersweet.” Booktrust

“Rubin’s fine debut will appeal widely to artists and dreamers alike.” Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review


It’s 1959 and freckle-faced Casey lives in the red-dust countryside of South Carolina. Looking at her ratty-tatty, used-to-be-white, too-big high-tops, and then at her skinny chicken legs poking up from the ground, you’d never think that Casey Quinn could ever be a ballerina. But just because Casey can’t do ballet in high-tops doesn’t mean she can’t dance

Casey’s got the grit, and Casey’s got the grace: Is that enough to make it in Manhattan someday? Or might the Big Apple have something even better in mind? When she meets a visionary choreographer she calls “Miss Martha,” Casey’s ballerina dream takes a thoroughly, thrillingly modern twist!

US edition

UK edition

Published by Chicken House

UK Cover by Steve Wells

US Cover by Whitney Lyle


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