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  1. Hi! I’m a friend of one of your mothers and one of your fathers (Carol and Rocky) who lived on that same Island as you for 40 years — well, except for most winters. If you ever stopped into Aquarius Artifacts in Town Hill, with all the buddhas, sculptures, and African art, that was me. I love your site and am eager to read your books. Who says middle school literature is just for kids. I can see why your folks are proud of you. All the best.


    • Hi! I love the list you are making for 8-13 year old readers. I AM writing another Alice Jones book. Actually, I’m working on editing it right now. It’s all about a (possibly) haunted old theatre and a missing diamond necklace. It will be out in February 2017.

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  2. Happy to hear about your new book. I thought at first it might have been inspired by that marvelous Art Deco theater The Criterion, in Bar Harbor, which also had a rescue committee working for years and years to save its grand but musty old self. Looking forward to reading about the Beryl. Congratulations.


    • Thanks Gloria! I’m sure The Criterion was in my subconscious too, and The Grand in Ellsworth (I have vivid memories of being backstage there when I danced in The Snow Queen). There are lots of wonderful theatres in my past!


  3. From another author named Sarah Rubin – I’m currently setting up my website, and of course I was looking for available urls – and thus I find you. I haven’t yet read your work, but out of simple fascination with our (not so uncommon) shared name, I look forward to doing so. And thanks for inspiring me with your website, as well.


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