Exciting News!

I’ve always loved mysteries, and now I’ve written one!

Mystery and math are a perfect fit for gifted schoolgirl detective Alice Jones. But when Alice gets caught up in the case of a missing inventor, things get a lot more complicated than just solving her classmates’ mini-mysteries for a mars bar. And when it turns out the scientist was building an invisibility suit, Alice learns she isn’t the only one on the case.

With a mysterious silver Mercedes on her tail, Alice follows the clues, from state-of-the-art labs to dingy apartments, searching for the answer to one very important question: How do you find someone who can turn invisible?

I’ve signed a two book deal (2!) with Chicken House for Alice Jones and the Invisible Scientist and the next Alice Jones adventure. I’ll be posting here about the editing process as we get the first manuscript ready for publication AND about the writing process as I work on the sequel. There may even be some sneak peaks.


3 thoughts on “Exciting News!

  1. Hi, i’ll have presentation about you but i couldn’t find anything.. So I asked my sister to help me ’cause I’m just 10 years and from Switzerland and can’t really speak english. My teacher said i should know when you were born, how tall you are, do you have any sisters or brothers and things like that. I’ll really would be happy if you would help me. Thanks


    • Hi Elanaa, I think your English is very good. I’ve added a page with frequently asked questions. But here are some answers for you all in one place: I was born in 1982, I am about 5 feet tall (152cm), and I have two brothers and two sisters.


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